Grandma's Antique Writing Desk



A place to encourage budding authors to hone their craft, and find their voice.

Why this site is here

When my grandmother was alive, she used to tell me that she thought my writing (particularly my poetry) was lovely; and she wanted to encourage me to do more of it.

To this end, it was her wish that I would receive her antique rolltop desk when she passed, so that I would always remember that encouragement and keep writing.

That didn't happen, sadly; and in truth, I don't know to which of her numerous offspring it has since been  remanded:  or even if it has not simply been liquidated for some paltry sum.

But in recognition of the INTENT of her wish, rather than its object, I created this site.

This site, then,  has two purposes: to stand as a reminder to me of her kindness and encouragement;  things I could scarcely ever have deserved:

And, whenever it is possible, to do the same for others whom I feel might benefit from similar encouragement, such as I have to give.

I love you, Nana. Thank you.

Noteworthy Destinations

TheStory Teller

From her YouTube channel's "About" page:   Welcome! Here on my channel, you can listen to poems and short stories written both by me and by some of my favorite authors. It's my goal not only to entertain you with some of my work, but also to inspire others to share their own writing. Because it's not about how many people watch your videos, it's about believing in yourself and writing things that you will be proud of. I hope you enjoy what I've done so far. There will be more videos to come. Feel free to leave a comment if you have something to say or if you would just like to give feedback. Thank you so much for your time!    - TheStory Teller. 

Crowns and Loyalty

Here's a sample of TheStory Teller's work.  (And though SHE will never ask you to like, share, or subscribe, I encourage you to.)

Mid-Nite Drive-Thru

Sometimes, when I'm out cruising the blissfully empty (or at least somewhat reduced traffic) roads at night, I get a hankering for something. There are always a fair number of choices, but every once in a while you just can't seem to find exactly what you're looking for...and then, out of nowhere, (Courage!) in the distance you see a beacon, beckoning you to partake of what some new establishment has to offer.


Here's a brief sample of Jim's storytelling:

About Me

My background

It's a green screen/blue screen muslin cloth:  but I've been thinking of building a more suitable portable frame.

My writing roots

Deep in the mists of time, jesters cavorted at court in an effort to curry the sovereign's favor (and, perchance, stay for yet another dawn the sweep of the headsman's axe).

I'm not nearly nimble enough for CAVORTING.